It's as easy as...

Taking a picture...

Tagging yourself or your friends...

And judging others' manliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can women download this app?

At ManCard, we champion masculinity among all races and genders. If a woman is caught eating a steak or sporting a beard, we want to see it.

How does ManCard separate the men from the boys?

Each user has his or her own "ManCard" which is visible when the phone is helt horizontally. The ManCard keeps a running total man-score of how manly the user has been judged to be through photos or moments he or she has been tagged in. The higher the score, most likely the higher your testosterone levels.

Besides my score, how else can I differentiate myself from the girly men?

Easy, just participate in one of our Man Challenges. Each challenge represents a different task or idea for you to capture via photo. The submission with the highest "manly" vote wins a badge exclusive to that challenge on his or her ManCard to throw in the face of his compatriots.

Can ManCard get me a date with a smokin' hot supermodel?

It most certainly can't hurt.